Car air fresheners

Custom car air fresheners

Don't let people forget about your business

Make custom air freshener for vehicle in just few minutes. It's fast and simple way to reach out to your customers! 

We have a separate website for Custom car air fresheners only! There you will find more info. about shapes, scents, prices and see air fresheners that we created for our customers.


What’s better approach to promote your business, than on the promotional material that hangs out of your customers rearview mirror, 7 days a week? Every car, especially the one where people smoke, or with pets, needs extra maintenance. Why not use that to promote your business? Produce a one-of-a-kind air freshener with your business logo or one in a shape of your product. Whatever your desired shape or dimension is, we're the manufacturer of high quality preference, long-lasting, custom printed vehicle air fresheners you’ve been looking for.

We give you opportunity to make best quality Auto Air Fresheners with high quality printing on it. It is possible to peruse one of our 12 regular shapes and 15 scents or you can make your own custom shape air fresheners in any colors, shape, scent or size you prefer. You are able to choose text you’d like to be printed on your car air fresheners, so individuals can use basic information about your business at any given moment. All together they make great way to advertise in shops, gas stations, kiosks, car repair shops,etc.

15 different scents

Aromas are one of the most crucial things about auto air fresheners. Pick between 15 scents that are absolutely delightful, like: Lavender, Apple-Cinnamon, Vanilla, Coolstream, Pini Atmo, Pino,  and more! To give uncommon touch to your own showcasing material, choose exotic one, like Gold, Oriental Art, Silver or Ocean. We have new, longer lasting air freshener formula. Our car air fresheners last for 4 to 6 weeks. They're quite affordable and superior advertisements strategy.

12 Standard shapes

Pricing - FREE DESIGN!

100 fresheners - $3.20 $2.56 each Total: $320 $256
200 fresheners - $2.85 $2.28 each Total: $570 $456
300 fresheners - $2.50 $1.87 each Total: $750 $561
500 fresheners - $1.98 $1.48 each Total: $990 $740
1,000 fresheners - $1.75 $1.23 each Total: $1,750 $1,230
2,000 fresheners - $1.60 $1.12 each Total: $3,200 $2,560
5,000 fresheners - $1.27 $0.89 each Total: $6,350 $4,450
10,000 fresheners - $1.05 $0.73 each Total: $10,500 $7,300

We' offer 12 standard contours that are ready, just waiting for the design to be implemented! They are most common forms used by our clients, an easy task to adapt to your brand identity and your logo. You can pick shape like rectangle (portrait or landscape), square, oval (portrait or landscape), heart, circle, diamond, shield, house, interstate.

How is my price identified?

Sum, Appearance and Line Shade. The more you get, the lower the price goes. Not all shapes are created equal. Some are consequently more affordable, and are easier for us to make. You can pick one with standard shape and smell or you can get creative and we will give you best price for it.

But, why limit yourself with conventional shape when we are able to make custom contours to best meet your needs?! Make custom one, in shape of product or your logo. Our designers will make a unique combination of color, form and message that will present you in best light. It’s a unique variety of contour made for you personally, with its unusual appearance, bringing attention. Capture their attention! 


We have a separate website for Custom car air fresheners only! There you will find more info about shapes, scents, prices and you can see air fresheners that we created for our customers.

Examples of Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Freshener - BEL Air
Car Air Freshener - haloween
Car Air Freshener - Serbian Children Books
Car Air Freshener
Car Air Freshener - Titan Machinery
Car Air Freshener - Vuk Petrol
Car Air Freshener - Mazda
Car Air Freshener - Kommtis

You need your car or truck to smell brand new and nice all of the time, especially if you are spending lots of time in it. Let’s face it - with this traffic it’s impossible to not spend time in cars. Besides everyday cleansing, it is also necessary to vacuum your car or truck at least once per week to eliminate the dirt that collects within as time passes. Whenever you enter the automobile it will feel and smell like it’s brand new.

The vehicle freshener lets their odor killers to tackle the odor along with the use of the simple recoil technique be certain that that the odor spreads through the automobile overlong amounts of time. Having a car air freshener could be exceedingly good for the vehicle. Even though most air fresheners are hazardous to its surroundings suppliers aren't mandated to extend the chemicals used in the odor, safe ones, like car air fresheners JPC offers, has proven to be completely safe for people and pets.

Other possible problem are car air fresheners made with suspicious chemicals or too strong scent. Your scent could be making your passengers or pets sick. After all, it scent we are speaking about. The scent of the brand-new car might be very agreeable and it’s not aggressive. Keep your auto windows rolled up for best experience. As it doesn't require the air vents or different type of propulsion it isn't as strong and unpleasant like oil fresheners. By utilizing these forms of air fresheners you could be polluting the atmosphere outside and inside of your car.


Scents offered by J Printing Center in Chicago are remarkably essential and sensual. You can pick from different types and find one that best suits your need. It is relatively easy to continue to keep your car smelling good with this car air fresheners you can also custom print. There are many types of sizes and shapes for our custom printed fresheners available too.

If you are looking for a gift why not make among these fragrance gift suggestions. If you are working to spend less and be original, why not make custom printed car air fresheners with photo of your friends, couples or pets? It’s super effective!