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A business cards printing is an integral part of each professionally designed marketing plan. There are several ways to get a good first impression on a future business partner or client, and one of them is a creatively designed and well printed business card. A business card is more than a sheet of paper by means of your contact information, it’s a permanent impression. Select from our varied selection of affordable alternatives, that won’t cost an arm and a leg for your printed card that is perfect! No more worrying about a dead cell-phone battery or scribbling your details on some tissue seal any deal with a handshake, as well as your custom-made business card.

Nothing surpasses the ability of introducing yourself as well as your brand on well designed business cards. They function as your professional intro to possible clients and customers and being professional never goes out of style when customized by shape, size, and style, to fit your company. There's something about that small piece of paper that no digital program can replace.

Custom business cards are possibly one of the all-time best methods to boost your brand!

The right choice for a business card design is an ideal tool used to remind your potential customers of your company once the meeting ends. According to many experts, an attractively designed advertising business card is among the most valuable marketing assets of every entrepreneur. Create layouts that are exceptional readily recognized and to get discovered. Get your cards stand out of the bunch!

When dealing with a foreign company it would be desirable to have business cards printed in the language of your business partner. This shows respects to your client and puts an emphasis on the smallest details. Coming up with a layout does not want to be tough. It's possible for you to make your business cards using a design application or have them designed by a professional.

Business cards are printed on 300g Offset paper, size: 3.5"*2"

Circulation: 100 250 500 1,000
4/4 print with matte lamination 1/1 $40 $50 $60 $75
4/4 print with foil embossing 1/1 $80 $110 $150 $215


What to have in mind when creating unique business cards?

  • Make eye-catching design
  • Let your card be simple
  • Only important stuff should be on your business card
  • Keep the critical info on the front side of business card

Recent research has shown that 40% of business cards have wrong information about the person or firm with whom you do business. Whether you are looking for standard or luxury business cards, you must make sure that the correct information is printed. The cost of customer loss due to incorrect e-mail address or phone number is much greater than having to print a new business card.

Either way, making your business cards memorable and printing them on quality paper with bright ink will increase their attractiveness. Print custom business cards at J Printing Center and you’ll get exactly what you need to make good impression!

Standard business cards - Be classic

Standard business cards are printed on paper, with the possibility of shiny or matte plastification. Usual size for business cards is 3.5"x2".

In addition to the logo of the company, the business card must have the telephone numbers, address, email address and website. The business card should be simple with clear and concise information.

Non-standard business cards - Custom made and designed

Custom business cards can be of different sizes, colors and shapes. The J Printing Center offers you the possibility to create a unique and attractive business card of the highest quality paper with gold print. Luxury business cards often are not that much different from the standard, but at the first touch, you will feel the difference in the quality of the material on which they were printed. Customize business card to showcase brand identity and at the exact same time be a useful advertising and promotion tool. Make sure you convey the appropriate message to your customers. Hand over quality business cards to reach positive feedback.

JPC provides a number of custom printing options for business cards. It's possible for you to print square or slender, along with the conventional rectangular shape, or you also can have them cut with just one round corner, round corners, leaf, half circle, or oval shapes. You may also have folded business cards with the space of the regular cards.

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