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The J Printing Center Chicago offers at affordable prices original design for your new brand or redesign of the existing logo that is an inevitable element for your business.


Corporate identity is the face of your company that is exposed to the public. It is an image of yourself that you create for your potential customers. The basic trait of corporate identity is a unique style that is recognize in each of its elements.

Corporate identity


Logotype, slogan and the name are the symbol of business for each company. It is desirable for the logotype to be designed as a simple solution that will clearly be recognized as an application in color, or black and white print.

An experienced team of designers from the J Printing Center Chicago is at your disposal to help you choose a unique solution for the design of your brand or trademark.


Visual identity is the basic tool of recognition. It is a sum of all visual and physical characteristics of a product, service or the company itself that differs from the competition. Clear distinction of the company from competition depends on your visual identity.

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The most important role for a visual identity is the direction of your product, services or ideas for a wide range of clients. Our purpose is to help you maintain or build a new identity in accordance with your wishes or the field of work that you do.

Some of logos created by J Printing Center's designers

BBS Trucking
Bike Parts USA
International Logistics Group
ITS logo
Kings Eagle logo
Momento logo
Skadaliya logo