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Booklets and catalogs are one of the most effective ways of marketing promotion. A well-designed catalogue will significantly contribute to the presentation of your products or services. Thus the primary goal is to present your product portfolio in a more attractive way and JPC Chicago can make that happened.

As a very effective way of promotion, booklet should distinguish you from the competition. When selecting text and photos you must take into account the message that you want to send. Only the original and impressive messages can create the desired effect on your consumers. If information about your products or services is integrated within a well-designed catalog, the outcome will be success. A number of companies use international fairs as places to present their businesses, and the custom catalogs are the perfect promotional material for this kind of event.

A well-designed catalogue will significantly contribute to the presentation of your products or services.

With the latest machines in offset printing, the J Printing Center provides booklets/catalogs of the highest standard with finishing options such as clear coating, clamming and laminating. We offer catalog and booklet printing onto high quality paper, double-sided, full color, on 150-300g/m2 or other special materials of your choice.

A great choice of luxurious paper with a matte or glossy finish will significantly contribute to the attractive appearance of your catalogs. The products or services you offer that are presented this way will create to your customers a realistic picture of what you have to offer.

Why Your Business Needs Promo Catalog printing for Marketing in the 21st Century?

Booklet or Catalog refer to graphic pieces that companies use for promoting their products and services. Despite the technological advancements and the digital era that dominates the world today, well made catalogs still have a unique role to play. Printing booklets present your business with many advantages that it would struggle getting from other promotional items. Catalogs and brochures are unique presentation materials for various reasons.  Incorporate them as part of your marketing campaigns. Printing promo catalogs and booklets for your business has the following advantages:

Perfect Materials for Showing Your Merchandise off Visually

A catalog shows the items customers wish to buy from you in the exact manner they will find them at the store. Consequently, catalog printing saves customers money they would have spent on transportation. Customers have not lost their preference for catalogs, and you shouldn’t either. The booklet printing is the cheapest way of providing clients with all the information they need to decide or choose between different products you sell at your store.

Convenient to Customers

The 21st Century leads the busiest lifestyle in the history of humanity. The client has little time to do some of the most important things in life. However, your booklet allows the customer to read and know what you sell at his/her own time and pleasure. Moreover, the fact that clients can travel with the catalog wherever they go makes this the perfect marketing material. Catalogs market your business to new customers all the time even when you’re not aware.

More Reliable than the Internet

The 21st Century client relies on the Internet a lot. However, the Internet might be down or unreliable when the customer wants to do it. When this happens, customers cannot access your company’s website to see what you sell. A free catalog, on the other hand, eliminates downtimes or other related problems. It is available for use at all times. It is not dependent on the weather or electricity. More importantly, it is portable. In short, a catalog is more reliable than the Internet.

Last Longer than Emails

Catalogs can’t be deleted. Unlike the email, which relies on the Internet, a catalog will remain relevant much longer. Often, you will not hesitate to delete an email you consider a spam from your inbox. It’s much harder to throw away a catalog. For the most part, you would rather keep the catalog for a bit longer to keep reading its contents and see whether the products/services are worth buying.

J Printing Center provides catalog printing services for best prices, using high-quality materials, paper, colors and finishes. If you want catalog that will grab attention in waiting room, on the street, in offices, shops or restaurants, call us today and we’ll make booklet people will gladly flip-through.