Pad printing

The ability to print on curved surfaces and different materials

Suitable for medium and large print runs

One of the challenges in the printing industry was printing on curved/round surfaces. The necessity of printing on objects that are not straight, but curved, round, circular or cylindrical, led to the birth of pad printing. With the introduction of the pad printing and special pad printing machines, it is now possible to transfer print on almost any uneven and curved surfaces. Printing on plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber and metal with surfaces that are impeccably flat no longer pose a problem of the modern pad printing press.

J Printing Center Chicago offers you custom pad printing services and is capable of stamping your company’s logo or slogan on any curved surfaces. Also, we offer a wide range of promotional material at affordable prices with the possibility of pad printing on them. Get custom, personalized office supplies (printing on pens, lighters, notebooks, holes punches, rubber stamps, chairs, business card holders, coffee mugs, and much more.)

Pad printing technique finds it’s most common application in printing on lighters, pens, key chains, diaries, watches, clothes hangers, glasses, ashtrays and other similar advertising materials. Print out your logo and contact details on promotional material you’ll give to your potential or regular customers.

Pad printing is applied to:

  • Cylindrical objects
  • Spherical/Rouns objects
  • Complex angles
  • Item textured
  • Concave/ circular objects
  • Convex objects

What is pad printing?

This curved surface printing technique involves an indirect imprint (silicone pad) with which color is applied to a particular object. The process of pad printing applies a printing technique in which a two-dimensional image is transferred to a three-dimensional - 3D object. This procedure is done through the printing forms, commonly engraving plates. This Curved surface printing technology is done with the help of silicone pads that are applied to the printing surface. Initially, the color is applied by roller to the printing form, then the excess is taken off with the knife, to get the paint, which is located in the recesses, taken by silicone pad and apply to the surface intended for printing.


Thanks to physical and chemical changes of the printing form it's possible to make a printed image that silicone pad presses onto. When the pad subsequently lowered onto the printing object the same image is left on the surface for printing. With the help of special properties such as flexibility and adaptability to the surface, the image can be transferred to a variety of surfaces and shapes and so printing on round, circular or cylindrical objects is possible.

Advantages of pad printing:

  • The ability to print on curved surfaces
  • The ability to print on different materials
  • Obtaining accurate, high-quality prints
  • Suitable for medium and large print runs

The pad printed products we can see all around us. Applicability of pad printing, caused by the fact that it has become widely accepted in all spheres of human activity. Thanks to the pad printing it is possible to print on medical devices, car parts, keyboard and computer monitor, TV, toys and many other items, to which it was not possible to print the desired label using other techniques. Using this technique, your custom product printing and decorating services will be at top of the game.

Constantly working to justify your trust, through their commitment and thanks to pad printing equipment, our J Printing Center in Chicago IL is here to meet your needs in terms of pad printings on all curved surfaces of your choice. If you want printing on vehicles, printing on cups, printing on bottles, personalized mugs, custom mugs, personalized cups for wedding, custom pens, custom lighters, custom office supplies, just place a request and we’ll get it back to you as soon as possible.

Want to get big?

We also offer Vehicle Branding and Wrapping, printing on cars or trucks, motorbikes or bikes only. Visit our page about printing on vehicles: Printing on Vehicles

Pad printing
Pad printing on lighters
Pad printing on pens


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