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Roll Up Banner Stands are a widespread advertising material used in the promotion of products and services at trade fairs, congresses and in larger stores. Banner displays are really easy to transport and easy to put up, ready for show. They provide a quick and effective solution for business person on the road! Its main aim is to help your company stand out from the competition. Roll banners are event vendors liked for their visibility and mobility. These banners are perfect for both indoor & outdoor use. Set it up outside of your store, restaurant or beauty salon and it will capture plenty of attention. This is an affordable choice you can use over and over again.

Retractable stands printing should be done with high quality colors and durably constructed in a way to provide stability and easy installation at any location you need it. Materials like aluminum and polypropylene or tarpaulin canvas makes your promo banner more durable and attractive so you can use it outdoor and indoor as well.

Primary purpose of Roll Up Banner is to increase the awareness of your brand to the potential users of your products or services.

Our custom printed standard retractable banners are lightweight, portable and most importantly - durable. We add sharp color clarity and contrast to all your banner stand designs so you can show yourself in best light. Retractable Banner Stands are small enough to fit in any car trunk and are perfect for use in purchase promotions, sales demonstrations, product displays, fairs, trade shows and so much more!

Which info should be on my company Retractable Banner?

Great attention should be placed on the design and the message that your roll up sends to the potential clients and customers. Your company name, slogan or a certain image of the product must grab the attention from the user of your services. The company's contact information should be placed at the bottom of the banner. The color for your portable aluminum panel should comply with corporate colors or products that you promote.

Because of its size and attractive look, the roll up banner is an ideal way to advertise new products or activities. Our retractable Banners are made so that you can change the banners and keep aluminum base. Retractable Banner Stands are a necessity for any trade show or convention if you're looking to stand out among many other people advertising. Custom printed Banners are perfect for promoting your product or business to vast number of people.

Roll-up examples

Roll-up examples

Full-Color Retractable Banner Printing

Printing on the Roll-up Retractable Banner is done in full color on polypropylene or tarpaulin canvas, which is adapted for external and internal use (indoor and outdoor banners). The graphics on the roll up banner can be changed to suit your promotional needs and we can proudly say that we can print anything you need!

High resolution graphics get you noticed at fairs, conventions and trade shows. We at JPC Chicago are using best quality colors and printing techniques to make your roll up banner noticed. Our custom printed retractable banner is a must have for all companies that’ll like to promote their services and products. Long lasting durability of colors accompanied with easy transportation and effective imagery make our Custom Banner Stands really stands out in the events. 

Roll-up sizes

Roll-up sizes


  • Price - $99
  • Packed size: 6"x6"x35"
  • Weight 5.5 lbs


  • Roll-up - $129
  • Packed size: 6"*6"*41"
  • Weight 6.4 lbs

How Retractable Banner Stands Work?

Retractable Banner Stands are made with an aluminum structure with mechanism that is simple to operate. The construction due to its quality workmanship can be used repeatedly and assembled in seconds without the use of any tools. The entire banner is set up and perfectly displayed in less than 30 seconds! The banner retracts into the base made of aluminum for easy assembly. You just need to raise the banner from the base, connect it to the banner pole and you're done! The base and pole stand help hold up banner so you can show off your high quality, full color display right in front of the crowd, to get most attention.

Create an instant advertising exhibit and draw attention to your product or business!

Roll-up set-up

Roll-up set-up