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Vehicle Graphics - Wrap your parking lot!

Vehicle Branding & Wrapping

Wrap or brand your company cars, trucks and bikes.

Truck Decals - 22"x14"
$12 each!

Wrap and brand your company cars, trucks, motorbikes and bikes fast and cheap! J Printing Center Chicago offers you best way to promote your business in crowd! Make moving commercial for your firm, organization or family business! Create unique group of vehicles to promote yourself all over the town!

How Vehicle Graphics Can Transform Your Business Financially?

How do you market your business? It’s true that social media has emerged one of the most potent marketing tools today. The marketing industry is ever evolving. New trends have emerged, but this isn’t to say that the old or traditional marketing has no place today. For example, vehicle graphics are just as effective as ever before. Branding your car is likely to help market your business, and bring in increased revenue. When the income is high, the profit margin will also follow suit.

What are the benefits from using Truck wraps?

Imagine big, moving billboard that roams around city, on all roads, through states, with your name on it. Imagine thousands of people that will, even for few seconds, see your logo. That’s the way of making a brand. Brand is something recognizable. The more people see your name and logo, the more popular and known you’ll be. Imagine somebody who is very popular and known all over the world. Is it because they are sitting home, drinking coffee all day? No, they go out there and make people aware of them. This is your chance to put your name and logo on trucks and make them available to other people.

Take your firm name and logo out for a walk.

JPC Chicago team in action

Truck graphics or truck wraps offers great, big surface that can be your personal, moving billboard. 

Thinking about wrapping a car? Car wraps or car decals are growing way of business promotion.

Car wraps Chicago gives you chance to use removable car decals/wraps on your personal car or to wrap parking lot of your firm vehicles.

So, here’s why you should invest in vehicle branding:

Boosts Access to a Larger Audience

First, it gives you access to a wider audience. Since the car doesn’t stay stagnant in one place, your business has the opportunity of making between 40,000 and 60,000 impressions every day. Simply put, you have access to thousands of customers whether the vehicle is on the road or standing still in the parking lot. Studies have shown that vehicle wraps have more reach than most business owners realize. The wraps are considered rolling signposts that customers see all the time. Car wrapping is a result guaranteeing outdoor advertising tool.


Generates Positive Opinions

Secondly, vehicle wrapping creates positive views among all your customers. A recent study showed around 75 percent of all consumers think favorably of companies that advertise using car wrapping. Car wrapping enhances a company’s reputation. The business appears more reputable and successful when it advertises using vehicle graphics. As all business owners know, at times it’s better to project the image of success to attract the desired caliber of customers. Vehicle graphics guarantee long-term favorable opinions from your target group.


Increases Brand Awareness and Identity

Increasing awareness should be at the center of all marketing campaigns that a business undertakes. What better way to achieve this than with vehicle branding? Your company must continue informing customers that it exists. Its presence in the market should not remain a secret. Vehicle branding helps in creating brand identity. Once you convince one person to buy and use your goods, neighbors too will see and do likewise. Every time they see your branded vehicle, the existing and prospective customers will all respond favorably and keep your business afloat.


Long-Term Marketing Benefits

Lastly, vehicle graphics have long-term benefits. Once a car is branded, the appropriate graphics will stay in place for years as long as the car is still in service. Editorial publicity only gives you access to customers for one day. Advertisements on TV are only visible for a short period each day. A branded vehicle keeps advertising the company whether it is on the road or packed. It keeps relaying the right message at night or during the day. What’s more, the graphics enable your business to overcome restrictions associated with other methods of advertising.

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Vehicle branding done by JPC Chicago

ILG - Trailer branding

ILG - International Logistics Group - trailer branding

AA Truck Center - Van branding

AAA Truck Center

DVL Express - trailer branding

DVL Express trailer branding

Platinum - truck branding

Platinum truck branding

DVL Express - truck branding

DVL Express truck branding

Platinum - truck branding

Platinum  truck branding

Skadarliya - van branding

Skadarliya van branding

Platinum - truck signs

Platinum truck branding

AAA Truck Center - van branding

AAA Truck Center vehicle branding

Tee Time - van branding

Tee Time van branding

ACES - truck wrap

ACES truck wrap

GO2 Logistics - truck branding

GO2 Logistics truck branding

Pro Temp of Illinois

Pro Temp of Illinois

Pro Temp of Illinois

Pro Temp of Illinois

Pro Temp of Illinois

Pro Temp of Illinois

ZB Remodeling

ZB Remodeling

ZB Remodeling

ZB Remodeling vehicle branding

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap

Little teeth big smiles

Little teeth big smiles