Businesses have for a long time been investing heavily in software that would make stylish catalogs every time. As the needs of the consumer keep changing, so should marketing strategies if they are to remain a relevant promotional tool. Today, catalogs are more focused on communicating with the consumer on advances and upgrades to products and services as opposed to only catching their eye. Planning on printing promotional catalogs for your business? It is a worthwhile investment if it meets any of the following 10 purposes:

1. Updating product combinations

As a distributor, your supply keeps changing sometimes on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be hard to keep up with the additions and subtractions with custom printing catalogs service.

2 Content highlights

It is no secret that the business scene is overflowing with almost similar ideas and to keep ahead of the pressure, there is need to upgrade content as well as images often. Customizing this feature makes the process to conform to the market needs. You can highlight your strongest sides and best products easy!

3. Keeping audiences engaged

In addition to making presentations on what your business is involved in, customers expects booklets or some kind of print medium to refer to and see “what’s new”. The use of custom catalogs is the best way of making sure your customers are familiar with your new products, sales and discounts.

4. Presenting different views of the same image

In online trade, customers usually want to see a product in multiple views before they settle on buying it. Use of custom made catalogs allows you to show products in best light and increase selling.

5. Presenting full content on products

Traditional market niches are getting broken down into niches that require a lot of content to market. It is only by using custom catalogs that that sufficient content can be used.

6. E-commerce compatibility

Internet prevalence is gradually rising. Those who can be provided for with booklets are a limited number of people, but with an internet link, the whole world can get hold of catalogues in seconds. Promote your site, facebook page and more!

7. Quick response time

As the market dynamics for a product or service changes there is need to supply related content as quick as possible. Traditional catalog designs would take time but custom catalogs can now be produced on request and fast deliver your message!

8. Coupons

Catalogs should be path between you and you customers and everybody love to get something free, at better price or with a discount. Custom catalogs with coupons are fantastic way to leave that path open for further shopping. It’s proven fact that people tent to come back if you give them some reward and J Printing Center is here to make custom printed catalogs with coupons that customer can snap easy and use at your shop!


Multi-Channel synchronization

Having a custom catalog provides enough time to make related content and material so that a brand is a uniform from any perspective.

Every business today is involved in themed events to help sell the vision of the brand and its operations. It is now possible with custom catalogs to make specialty content whenever it is required. JPC is here to make that possible for you!

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