Has someone ever given you their business card and it took you some little squinting to find their contact details? Say, the font size was too small to read, or the style barely illegible? Or the card looked so cheap you are left to wonder whether that is how light they handle their tasks.


 Business Card Example

Some of these poorly designed cards will even take you long to identify the company the card bearer represents. Is this how you would want those you will offer your card to view it? Definitely, no. Then, avoiding making these mistakes would be your best bet for a business card that converts. J Printing Center is offering you chance to make business card that will stand out.

So, how do we create unique business cards?

It takes knowledge and experience to make business card design that will present you and your firm/organization/services in good light. We have few secrets and we are going to share them with you, so you can come up with perfect design and let us do the printing!

Business Cards - Skadarliya

Here are the most important tips when it comes to making and printing business cards:

  1. Achieve a good design. A professional design is KING!

Thanks to the advancements in design platforms, you can now use business card templates to visualize how your business card would look like before actual printing. However, it is advisable that you hire an experienced designer to create a custom business card for you to save you the cost of having business cards that will end up in somebody's trash bin. JPC offers you best graphic design and prepress services for cards you’ll print at our Printing Center. If you have finished design, we’ll give you tips and prepositions about font, size and colors.

  1. Make your cards simple

Unless you are the adventurous kind and your profession allows the craze that comes with it, using the typical business card dimensions is just but enough. You will never go wrong with a 3.5" x 2", that’s standard dimension and most of business cards printed at our Center is in this size. This business card dimensions will help you keep away from stashing the card with irrelevant information. Remember - keep it simple.

  1. Only what is important should be on your card

Certainly, your name and the company you represent is most important info. A clear logo, your physical addresses and your contact details should be there too. However, should space not permit, you can leave out either the physical address or the contact details - whichever is less important to you. Any other idea you have in mind can be discussed with our design team.

  1. Keep the critical information on the front side of business card

If you have ever looked at the back of a business card, then you are among the rare type - most people don’t do that. So, if you place critical information (name, phone, e-mail) on the back of your card, you can be sure only few people will see it. We’ll make sure that your info gets noticed. In back we can write your motto or list of your services. It’s your choice.

Business Cards example

Unique business cards are a positive reflection of what you and your company stand for and an accurate definition of your brand. And with the modern day workplace gradually shifting from the confines of solid office hours, with the almost-ritual 8-hour-5-days workweek, into freelancing, business cards printing should not be left to chance. Therefore, there is equally the need to have your next custom business cards printing meet the demands of the changing workplaces and we are here to do that for you.