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Digital printing technology enables fast turnaround and great efficiency when it comes to making prefect product. Digital printing is an ideal alternative for offset printing, especially when time isn't quite what you have or you need relatively small quantity of product. Digital printing refers to method of printing on different surfaces from digital based image. It involves no preparation of cylinders, plates or water. After designing and choosing material, you can just print your artwork from software that signals the digital printer to start printing.

Our digital printers are equipped to handle the most paper sizes and weights and can print one color or full color projects on demand. Digital printing can save your time and resources without compromising quality or delivery time. You can personalize you promo product by changing text, color or graphics from part to part without slowing down the printing process. Full color printing services we offer will also help bring your business to life in a great cost-effective manner. Other benefits of digital printing include: quality service, great turnaround time, personification and big management capabilities. Our digital printing services will help to get your job done faster, better and more efficiently than ever.

Digital printing

Advantages of digital printing services

  1. Shorter turnaround – no preparations needed for plates. This results in faster printing process simply by sending the data from computer to the printer.
  2. Accurate counts and less waste – no need to balance ink and water.
  3. Best price for lesser volume printing – because there is no need to prepare plates, printing digital is automatically cheaper

JPC Chicago offers various digital printing services:

  • Large and wide format digital printing
  • Digital printing on different fabrics (digital printing on T-shirts and other textile products)
  • Digital photo printing
  • Digital book printing
  • Digital label printing

Offset vs Digital printing

Offset vs. Digital Printing?

Offset printing is the ideal choice to make when you need large quantities of promotional material and flexible colors, paper and sizing options. Digital printing service is usually used for lower quantity, no more than 2.000 copies of wanted product or when you need a quick turnaround. If you are not sure what’s the best choice for your project JPC Chicago will work with you to select the print method which is best suited for your project and budget. We offer digital, offset, pad and screen printing methods. We can also give you advice about design, size and paper or finishing and binding services.

Beside standard digital printing services, offer in J Printing Center currently include:

  • High-Quality Offset, Pad and Screen color printing
  • Small and Large Format Printing
  • Various Promotional Products (pens, lighters, car air fresheners,...)
  • Large variety of Promotional Materials (flyers, brochures, folders)
  • Wall wraps and Vehicle branding
  • Printing on canvas
  • Graphic Design
  • Prepress
  • Creating your Corporate Identity
  • Personalisation of any kind
  • Low costs
  • Various options Binding
  • Laminating