Businesses are said to be involved in direct marketing when they choose individually targeted advertising channels to reach potential customers. Some examples of direct channels of marketing are flyers, catalogs, and business cards as well other well-known avenues like face to face, telephone, and email. With direct marketing, the salesperson is focused on sparking business interest in prospect then prompting them to respond to a call to action. For most businesses, this is the most measurable promotional medium because it is possible to accurately record responses that came as a result of the marketing tool.


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When a company is involved in a direct marketing campaign, they deliberately remove the role of middleman in advertising and advertising costs will generally be low; this saving is potentially passed down to the customer. For small companies operating on a tight budget, this is definitely an advertising model they should explore as there is a lesser chance that the message will go to waste.

So, how do companies know which people to directly market to?

The first step of direct marketing is for a company to identify its target group. Targeted lists can be obtained from market research companies for purposes of arriving at a suitable market segment. The next step is them to choose on which medium to use for engaging the customer; this largely depends on the budget and nature of the product or service you will be dealing with. Ideally, marketing a grocery store could be more effective if coupons are given while custom flyers could work magic when promoting a gym.

Is it worth investing in direct marketing as a business?

To arrive at an answer, it is best to analyze the pros and cons of direct marketing.  With a well-maintained customer database or target list, companies that use direct marketing can be assured of measurable results which are important in assessing how well a promotional strategy is working. The greatest benefit of using direct marketing is the cost effective measure because everybody in the target group has an equal chance of responding to the message since the presentation is on an individual level.

All in all, direct marketing plays a major role in making the operations and brands of a business known to the public. It is worth trying it out because your target market needs to feel your presence at a personal level.

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