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Custom Envelopes - Print and Design

Envelopes are important in the everyday business communication. Although many predicted a gradual disappearance with the new Internet era, research proved the opposite. Today, more than ever attention is focused on the visual effect and originality of envelopes. This approach presents yourself to your clients as a company that cares for corporate identity.

Why does my business needs Custom Envelopes?

You may not have given your business envelopes much thought before. You just put in letter, invoice or a brochure, write recipient and drop them it the mail. But think about this - it is your only item describing your business that will be visible to your potential customer. It is the determining factor between whether it’s going to make person interested to open it or you’ll just be another white letter on table.

What you should know: Custom Envelopes really get noticed. A great-looking envelope stands out and makes people want to open your letter and read it. You can add a logo, photo, art or tagline to enhance your company image. Use offset printed full-color envelopes with included business cards and custom letterhead for a complete identity package.

How to design and print custom envelopes?

We specialize in offset, pad, screen and digital printing.  Making envelopes for your businesses, special events or personal use is one of our best printing jobs. Professional staff at J Printing Center in Chicago will help you design and print out the very best custom printed business envelopes that will match your identity and meet your budget. We will guide you from design review to paper and size selection and quantity. If you need just a simple, one color design or multi-color with foil embossing, we can deliver a product you will be proud to sent, knowing it will make impression. It’s no secret that every firm or organization wants to look as professional as possible.

Companies that care about their visual identity often go for non-standard envelopes. This approach helps their clients and associates point out the exceptional professionalism of the company.

Some tips you should consider when designing and printing envelopes:

  • Make an envelope in unique size to make it stand out
  • Make business envelope in most common size used for letter mailings
  • Use high-quality paper
  • Take advantage of full color printing we offer
  • Print business envelopes that match your letterhead or logo colours

American envelopes with or without windows - Standard envelopes

Adhesive American envelopes with or without windows, measuring 230x110mm, are commonly used in everyday business communication. Besides one color 80g/m2 offset paper, there is a possibility of the offset printing in full color, with print of company logo or contact information.

Non-standard envelopes - Custom envelopes

Companies that care about their visual identity often opt for non-standard envelopes. This approach helps their clients and associates point out the exceptional professionalism of the company. These are the safety and high quality envelopes used for the shipment of confidential business documents. In accordance with your design, the J Printing Center offers the non-standard envelopes from special materials, in different sizes and colors. This final result is a unique envelop that is recognizable among hundreds of others on the desks of your clients.

Another custom printing job JPC is offering is printing pictures on envelopes. We can print image anywhere on the envelope, so long as there is room for addressing and postage. Custom Printed Envelopes are a great way to reinforce a company's identity, brand and create a consistent impression. These are the professional touches that show high attention to detail and help you manage your corporate identity.