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Custom printed presentational folders

Business folders that give your business very best look.

Increase Your Brand Visibility with Custom made Folders!

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These prices are for our standard Folders, printed on 300g matt offset paper. Prices are listes as one color (1/0), two color (2/0) or full color (4/0) prints, one sided! Matt lamination included. All standard folders are printed on outside and white/blank on the inside. If you need a print inside folders, please call us on 630-209-7705 for a quote. 


Circulation 1 color print (1/0) 2 color print 2/0 Full color print 4/0
100 $125 $140 $180
250 $230 $250 $290
500 $420 $440 $480
1000 $750 $780 $840

Tips for best business folder:

  • Put your logo, tagline and name on front side
  • Give your folder professional look
  • Always include your contact info when printing

The message on the folder should be clear and attractive to your prospective clients, with the logo and basic information about your company easily visible. An emphasis should be placed on the visual effect of the folder, because it can significantly contribute to your business success. The J Printing Center offers quality production folders with a matt or glossy coating, with optional pockets (slots) for business cards, brochures and CDs. Business folders with business card slot are one of the most wanted company material in last few years. Don’t be only firm that doesn’t use opportunity to give away business card in such elegant and professional manner. In our printing center you can print business cards, letterheads, envelopes and much more!

Your business materials must be just as unique as your business. JPC gives you chance to make presentation folders that will reflect attitude and professionalism of your organization. Presentation folders are making your brand noticeable, promoting your company and making a positive, first professional impression. Presentation is everything in today’s world, so don’t settle for boring old folders that say nothing about your business. Create custom business folders specially for your company, customize it with your logo, artwork, design, photography, messages. JPC Chicago can help take your company’s image to the highest level by creating high quality materials that stand out from competition. Hundreds of organizations and firms gave us their trust and, in return, we gave them best printed promotional materials in Chicago. Print custom folders cheap and fast!

Company folders are a promotional material which should highlight the main activity of your business and industry branch. With the constant development of printing technology, especially offset printing, presentation folders have become more relevant in everyday business communication. Modern design, different combinations of colors, sizes and shapes have created great opportunities to leave a significant impression on your customers.

Presentation folders are a great way to present your business. Use business folders with your firm logo when you’re meeting potential customers, business clients or traveling somewhere in firm name. Present a consistent professional look that stands out from plain handouts or binders. In addition to preserving certain documents during business meetings, the folder is a promotional material that should highlight main activity of your company and industry with whom you deal. Custom presentation folders will suit-up your work perfectly!

Pick one of our templates or we can build a custom shaped folder just for you!

Standard folders

Standard folders are efficient way of organizing large numbers of documents. These business folders are available in a wide variety of tab positions and colors. Folders with two or three dampers are printed from 280g / m2 or bindakota 300-350g / m2 kunstdruk. Folders made out of this material are high gloss and are non-cracking. J Printing Center has a large selection of ready-made tools that you can use for your folders.

Custom Folders

Don’t want standard shaped folder? Why not make custom shaped one and really make a impression. Custom made presentation folders aim is to have an attractive design and shape that is appealing to potential customers. Small details like handles, pockets for CDs, business cards and brochures will complete your visual message. In addition to the standard procedures, a unique look for your folders can be achieved via partial UV varnish or thermal printing.

You can customize your folders in numerous ways. Choose paper, size, select how many pockets you’ll like, add business card slits, print only on one side or choose full-color printing on both the front and back and much more. All folders are printed with highest quality offset printing to ensure durability. If you have design well make it in reality, but If you prefer to have design work handled by professionals, just say the word. Our professional team of graphic designers is waiting to customize every detail of your project for a very affordable price. Presentation Folder Printing with Logo and Design at best price! Also, if you only need business presentation folders printing or laminating, we offer one of the best printing services in town. We can print anything!

Folders printed at J Printing Center

Mediter folder
Community Management folder
SBB Solutions folder

Pocket folders

Presentation pocket folders are most commonly in use when it comes to business folders. It has great capacity and can be made for different paper formats or form different types of materials.  We separate them in two groups: One Pocket Folders or Two Pocket Folders. We can make both types of pocket folders and printing on them is a piece of cake for our Printing Center.

Making of DVL Express folders

Custom Folders Production

Presentation folders are your business presentation!

Custom presentation folders are not just intended for organization but they also offer facility to the individual need because of its excellent capabilities. They help in maintaining the integrity of your company. The particular folders should be durable in addition to strong whilst still looking good. Finally cheap folders can be excellent promo gift for customers and business partners.

Custom printed folders are economical and lucrative small business growth solutions. You could do that simply by purchasing folders which are already brightly colored, but having one with your logo and info says that you give your work serious tone and think about it as serious business. Your personalized small business folders can be your very best business presenters. You must always choose the right presentation folder that will show your professionalism and JPC is here for you. Giving opportunity to make whatever folder you’ll like and in any form and dimension, our printing center also offers great design solutions and latest printing technology.

Presentation folders are instrumental sections of several small business deals. Your presentation folders aren't only decorative pieces that would provide your enterprise or company that added boost. Some individuals may believe that these presentation folders aren't that important and a plain folder is simply as good in its place, but it’s not. Along with the true folder itself, presentation folders enable you to compile all of your important company literature. This way, you'll make sure your Presentation Folders will decidedly be printed properly and punctually. For instance, the A4 presentation folder is a standard product. However, it can be utilized in specific ways also as with specific materials.

Why well designed presentation folder is important in business world?

Imagine sitting in big meeting with important business partners and you get up to make presentation, holding cheap, white folder with your documents. Does it look good from marketing and brand point of view? No, it doesn’t. And what about high quality, digital printed folder with superb design and vivid colors? It says you keep mind on details and give attention to visual representation and look of promotional material. So, you are a keeper.

Folders are usually called as business identity products which are many times made from card stock. They help you in separating documents per project and help you in retrieving or referring the same in no time. In reality, presentation folders have come to be the most critical requirement for a lot of the businesses together with industries in the majority of recent times. Well all you need to do is to persistently put into action presentation folders in order to boost your presentational abilities and competencies immediately.

Two pocket folders

With pocket folders, you are able to easily set the documents in separated sections. If you own a lot of legal documents which will nevertheless be needed for future reference, you can conserve those essential documents in a folder. Many significant documents are located within this size. Therefore, it's always far better to get a two pocket folders to keep documents nicely separated.

With their large sizes, pocket folders offer a fantastic platform to boost the company identity of an organization. You might need to know just how they're going to print the pocket folders. In any case, cheap custom folders are proactive products in a way to do your corporate targets and objectives within an extremely limited time. The most significant thing is that you've got to personalize your document folder is such a manner that best suit to your company model.

Folder design

The folder design is dependent heavily on printers used so be certain to have a company which can offer you plenty of choices. Printing is still another portion of the procedure that's required to deliver top quality solutions. The folder printing ought to be done in a way that the folders that are utilized to present info to clients would be printed with unique designs, where, as for the overall use of folders within the office, cheap pocket folders ought to be used. A4 folder printing is typically done by the digital printers so that the caliber of the folder is good and can keep papers safe for a lengthier time period. Providing custom size folder printing is the principal concern of our printing company, along with printing of other promotional materials, like flyers, brochures, custom printed pens, catalogs and so on.

If elegantly designed, the folder will act as a subtle marketing and advertising tool which will impress your clients and prospects. Customized folders for presentations are extremely essential and help produce a great expert image. On the market, folders made from leather and fabrics can be made. Embossed folders also look good and do the business. It’s up to you to determine which folder you need for which purpose. Off course you won’t giveaway leather folders to all customers, but to important ones sure.

Business Folder Printing

Custom printed folders can offer a response to prevent this deficiency of impact. They are an effective solution for various marketing efforts. Custom made pocket folders will leave a permanent and skilled look that will impress your visitors and prospective customers easily. Presentation folders can be used for many different advertising purposes within your company or organization. Custom made folders are an excellent way to pack all your other print materials which you can want to hand over to a possible client. At J Printing Center, folders are printed by offset or digital technology, depending of quantity.

Custom printed folders are essential part of your office stationery, as they are usually the first sight of your brand and look even before you've started your presentation.  A well created and designed presentation folder may add a little professionalism to any undertaking or event. Customized file folders supply a professional presentation with your logo and data printed on the front or back.