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Screen Printing

screen printing machine

Best Chicago screen printing jobs offered by J Print Center in Chicago IL, just for you!

Our mission is to make the world more colorful with the help of the screen printing method.

Printing on t-shirts, bags, hoodies, dresses, hats, and other outerwear is no longer dream! Make your own unique clothing style or even brand! Screen printing Chicago offers you fast and cheap printing on labels of different sizes, notebooks, umbrellas, etc... With the early expansion of screen printing equipment and its application in textiles the boundaries of fashion, design, style, trends were moved to a higher level.

In our daily lives, we are surrounded by the objects that have passed through the screen printing process. Various stickers, paintings printed on wood or plastic were created with screen printing technique.  It is one of the oldest and most used types of printing. With the help of screenprinting, it is possible to leave an imprint on almost any type of material and flat surfaces.

Custom Screen Printing is mostly used in the textile industry, due to its print quality and possibilities. Most notably is screen printing designs in the fashion industry where the textile items like t-shirts, shirts, uniforms, bags and various other design ideas, have a completely new dimension when screen printing is applied. The J Print Center can offer top quality screen printing on a variety of materials with a short deadline for delivery of the product.

The range of products for the screen print includes:

  • PVC items - printing on transparencies and labels of different sizes
  • Textile - printing on t-shirts, bags, hats, dresses, advertising strips
  • Paper - printing on invitations, greeting cards, envelopes
  • Promo products - printing on notebooks, strip for mobile phones and keys, mouse mats, umbrellas

Compared to the other printing techniques, by using a significantly thicker layer of paint in the process, it is possible to obtain much higher quality and durability of print. For this reason, the screen printing is used in the reproduction of the famous paintings.

A screen printing process is when a printing form, which is made of silk, nylon or polyester is stretched on a frame. The frames for screen printing are made of wood, metal or plastic. Reproduction quality depends on the type of material used for the screen. 

We also give you chance to print your photos on canvas! Canvas printing process is simple - photos or graphic design are printed on stretched canvas or "gallery wrapped" onto a wooden frame.

Screen printing services

Screen printing is popular in both fine arts and company printing. It's the 2nd most efficient technique widely used nowadays for thriving product marketing. It may be carried out with many different substances and since it's flexible of all of the printing processes. 

Screen printing is mostly used for printing on fabric

Fabric printing is today one of the main growth areas in the printing industry at present and there are a number of technologies to choose. Today, screen printing technology gives you an opportunity to print anything you want, on any fabric: silk, cotton, polyester, denim and more. Textile printing is done for fashion purposes or for company uniforms, promotional products or simply for a nice home curtain.

If you'd like, you can use two unique fabrics and make sleeves reversible. It's possible for you to buy fabrics and make a new clothing article, a style accessory to compliment an outfit, or you may earn a decorative item or something crafty for your house or re-purpose what you already have.

JPC offers a great variety of printing techniques and screen printing is just one of them. You can use screen printing for:

  • printing on t-shirts
  • printing on bags
  • printing on umbrellas
  • printing on hats/caps
  • printing on dresses
  • printing on scarves
  • printing on uniforms
  • printing on canvas (canvas prints)
  • printing on various types of textile
  • printing on advertising strips
  • printing on mouse mats
  • printing on luxurious invitations
  • and much more...

Printing custom t-shirts, bags, and caps has never been so easy!