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A business cards printing is an integral part of each professionally designed marketing plan. There are several ways to get a good first impression on a future business partner or client, and one of them is a creatively designed and well printed business card. A business card is more than a sheet of paper by means of your contact information, it’s a permanent impression. Select from our varied selection of affordable alternatives, that won’t cost an arm and a leg for your printed card that is perfect! No more worrying about a dead cell-phone battery or scribbling your details on some tissue seal any deal with a handshake, as well as your custom-made business card.

Nothing surpasses the ability of introducing yourself as well as your brand on well designed business cards. They function as your professional intro to possible clients and customers and being professional never goes out of style when customized by shape, size, and style, to fit your company. There's something about that small piece of paper that no digital program can replace.

Custom business cards are possibly one of the all-time best methods to boost your brand!

The right choice for a business card design is an ideal tool used to remind your potential customers of your company once the meeting ends. According to many experts, an attractively designed advertising business card is among the most valuable marketing assets of every entrepreneur. Create layouts that are exceptional readily recognized and to get discovered. Get your cards stand out of the bunch!

When dealing with a foreign company it would be desirable to have business cards printed in the language of your business partner. This shows respects to your client and puts an emphasis on the smallest details. Coming up with a layout does not want to be tough. It's possible for you to make your business cards using a design application or have them designed by a professional.

Business cards are printed on 300g Offset paper, size: 3.5"*2"

Circulation: 100 250 500 1,000
4/4 print with matte lamination 1/1 $40 $50 $60 $75
4/4 print with foil embossing 1/1 $80 $110 $150 $215


What to have in mind when creating unique business cards?

  • Make eye-catching design
  • Let your card be simple
  • Only important stuff should be on your business card
  • Keep the critical info on the front side of business card

Recent research has shown that 40% of business cards have wrong information about the person or firm with whom you do business. Whether you are looking for standard or luxury business cards, you must make sure that the correct information is printed. The cost of customer loss due to incorrect e-mail address or phone number is much greater than having to print a new business card.

Either way, making your business cards memorable and printing them on quality paper with bright ink will increase their attractiveness. Print custom business cards at J Printing Center and you’ll get exactly what you need to make good impression!

Standard business cards - Be classic

Standard business cards are printed on paper, with the possibility of shiny or matte plastification. Usual size for business cards is 3.5"x2".

In addition to the logo of the company, the business card must have the telephone numbers, address, email address and website. The business card should be simple with clear and concise information.

Non-standard business cards - Custom made and designed

Custom business cards can be of different sizes, colors and shapes. The J Printing Center offers you the possibility to create a unique and attractive business card of the highest quality paper with gold print. Luxury business cards often are not that much different from the standard, but at the first touch, you will feel the difference in the quality of the material on which they were printed. Customize business card to showcase brand identity and at the exact same time be a useful advertising and promotion tool. Make sure you convey the appropriate message to your customers. Hand over quality business cards to reach positive feedback.

JPC provides a number of custom printing options for business cards. It's possible for you to print square or slender, along with the conventional rectangular shape, or you also can have them cut with just one round corner, round corners, leaf, half circle, or oval shapes. You may also have folded business cards with the space of the regular cards.

Custom Insurance Agency business cards

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Custom Insurance Agency

Custom Insurance Agency business cards

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Ilic Photography business cards

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Grmec Expedite business cards

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Infinitive Transportation Services business cards

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International Logistics Group business cards


Maybach business cards

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Ilic Photograhpy business cards


Platinum business cards

It's possible to put up indications of your business by means of your contact information and address. If you'd like your small business to be noticed and be unique, you should also have the ability to create personalized business cards for yourself and for your employees if you would like the company cards to remain from the prospect's trash. If you're clever and motivated there are many ways to market your business that don't need to cost a bundle.

Frankly, anyone who owns a small business or represents the business to others should have professional custom business cards, beside other promotional materials like flyers, brochures or posters. If you're starting any type of small business you have to learn the ins and outs of that company. Try looking for the reputation for the company, to collect each detail you'll need pertaining to the particular company, and therefore you don't fail in the end with bad quality. Remember to are always courteous and respectful of other regional businesses to prevent any confrontation too!

Why You Still Need Business Card

Business cards might seem old fashioned, however, it is still critical to really carry a business card as it gives a simple way of letting other folks get in contact with you personally and is far more personal compared to a digital contact exchange. Because of this, it seems like business cards won't go anywhere in the not too distant future and every business professional need to have one so continue reading below and determine the other motives of having a business card.

Your business card design says a great deal about you. What does your business card layout say about you? Are you 'all business'? Are you dull? Old fashioned? Modern? Highly professional? Maybe you're a bit on the amateur side? Your business card is your very first impression that you leave with people. However well the assembly goes, after all is said and done, the person that you wish to work with will look back in your own card and form an opinion.

A well-designed cheap business card may be a terrific conversation starter and your ticket to making a lasting impression on prospective customers. It is your chance to impress and make impression, which is why we create cost-effective quality business cards of the highest quality. When you meet somebody at a media event or in a meeting, exchanging your business cards helps another individual match your face with your name. When you hand out your business card you're giving them a reason to think of you as serious and professional person.


How to make perfect business cards?

Traditional business cards are as important as ever for networking with prospective customers and customers. They're an essential, concrete tool to deliver brand and contact information and above all cheap business cards. Quality is a key for a successful business card. Make sure yours send the perfect message. There are lots of means to earn a business card stick out. It is necessary however, that business cards, must obtain different peoples respect first of all. When you produce a distinctive and advanced custom printed business card, you can remain sure that you are furthering your organization from the competition in an ideal way.

One way of ensure professional business card is by way of employing the assistance of a reputable card printing company. A normal business card is simply 3.5 by 2 inches in dimension. Organization cards are a must-have for practically any company because of the significance of word-of-mouth marketing for the development of a company. So it's crucial your company card does not earn any negative effect on your image and JPC will make sure you make best impression.

Full color business cards have the best effect that you expect for you and your company. Enjoy complete color printing front and rear, along with your choice of coat to best suit your own personal style for reasonable price. Choose best design for your cheap business cards or let our professional team make one for you.

Business cards include our very own along with our small business and organizational significance that is professionally crucial for someone. They typically include a person's name, e-mail address, phone number, website, and company name. Business cards have become the first step to the promotion of company. Business cards are among the absolute best kinds of advertising. They may be extremely powerful and convenient methods of communicating with your target clients, and also make them conscious of your company. So you know precisely how significant your company card is. Affordable customized business cards are unquestionably among the least expensive way of reaching out to your target clients.

Whether you are printing cheap business cards or cards that are premium, remember that the most necessary characteristic of the company card is the way you design your information. Make high quality cheap business cards with our Printing Center!