• Image editing
  • Processing text forms
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading and Correcting text
  • Create graphic elements

What is Prepress?

Prepress is the term utilized in the publishing and printing sectors for the procedures and processes.  The prepress procedure contains the fabrication of a printing plate, picture carrier prepared for mounting onto a printing press, in addition to the alteration of texts and images or the introduction of a high-quality printing document.

A lot of the prepress procedure is managed by experienced operators in commercial printing firms using proprietary software applications which are customized to their firms' particular requirements. They use software like ScribusAdobe InDesign or QuarkXPress.

Without prepress, it is impossible to get the final product. It is the precondition for the transfer of ideas in the process of realization. If the prepress is done right, the product will meet customer expectations. Namely, in order to achieve the realization of the idea, it is necessary to know the types and kinds of printing, finishing process, types of paper, cardboard and other materials, which include printing process.

Although this phase is often neglected, it is important to point out that pre-press is crucial for the quality of the final product. An ignoring phase of pre-press, in order to reduce costs, usually results in having the opposite effect.

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How Prepress Works?

Prepress jobs vary depending on File sophistication and printing approach. Prepress operators typically:

  • Assess digital files carefully to anticipate and fix any issues that could stop the record from printing as anticipated.
  • Double-check fonts to be certain they print properly.
  • Ensure images are in the ideal format and then convert RGB files to CMYK, the arrangement used for printing full-color files on a printing press.
  • Establish the trapping
  • Establish the imposition in order to obtain faster printing, simplify binding and reduce paper waste.
  • Create color digital signs.

Some prepress activities, for example, trappingimposition, and prepress proofing are best managed with a trained prepress technician in the industrial printing firm.

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What Prepress Procedures Include?

The prepress process may happen at a single place, like in one huge publishing and printing center, or in various places. Usually, some jobs occur at a publication while some occur in a printer or some committed prepress firm (that are sometimes known as service bureaus or commerce shops).

  • Layout: Since the arrival of desktop publishing, a lot of folks in the printing sector no more consider design for a prepress job.
  • Preparing information, including copyediting and merchandise photography, like for a mail-order catalog.
  • Producing the design,
  • The correction cycle contains procedures like proofreading and picture retouching, for which Adobe Photoshop is the major program.
  • Preflighting: Before completed pages undergo the rest of the procedures, a validation is done in order to check if all of the information meets the essential manufacturing requirements.
  • the off-press proofinga cost-effective way of providing a visual copy without the expense
  • Imposition: Determined by the final output device a variety of pages will be blended to signatures.

You can send us your files for prepress through the contact page or send by email. Accepted formats are PDF, AI, EPS or TIFF

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