• Legible
  • Coherent
  • Adaptable
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Simple
logo design process

The Logo

What is a Logo?

It is a symbol, a graphic and visual sign which plays an important role in the communication structure of a company. A logo is a clear graphic element which makes possible to distinguish between companies. A logo is a signature of a company, it may be like a new conception, a certain lifestyle etc. It is about a bridge between the public and the company. It conveys details in a very concentrate graphic representation.

Creation of a Logo is a consequence of very specified analyses, concerning geometric shapes, colors various signs and symbols, all into a harmonious mixture which is driven „to catch” and to be part of people's mind. That is why to create a logo is not a happening.

Logo Design

Logo Design

The logo is very important to the branding item. It is a part of a corporate visual identity and it needs to be given special attention. The logo is what people will recognize and remember you. So whether you design your logo or you will hire a professional designer, we will introduce you to some of the rules for designing the logo.

  • Legible - It needs to be clear enough to read.
  • Coherent - logical and consistent, easy to be understood
  • Adaptable - to be designed in horizontal and vertical format, in any size
  • Reproducible - easy to be copied, colored or black and white
  • Memorable - easy to remember and never to forget
  • Timeless - to survive in the time
  • Simple - to be easily recognized

We hope that this text has helped you in some way to properly orientate yourself and think about the design of the logo, which will be your brand in the next many years.

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A logo is good when you can draw it with the big toe in the sand.

Kurt Weidemann