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Get noticed with vivid Brochures and Pamphlets

Brochure is a kind of advertising material used in the presentations of certain products and services to a targeted group of people. Like the flyers, it's the best way to promote your company. Brochures are one of the most practical marketing and branding tools a business can create. It's effective and relatively inexpensive promotional material. JPC can print full-color brochures that guaranteed to make an impression.

Delivering a printed brochure can highlights the direct advantages of your company in a way they are able to utilize at their convenience. It's possible for you to let your customers know a bit more about you by speaking to their requirements. And it is going to supplement your internet existence.

Brochures are printed on 170g offset paper, Saddle Stitched.

Circulation: 100 250 500 1,000
8 page letter format $290 $310 $370 $500
16 page letter format $510 $580 $670 $950
24 page letter format $740 $850 $990 $1,350

Why do you need brochures?

Brochures are well-known, classic marketing tools for mass communication with potential buyers and clients, which allow you to insert information about your products, business or service directly into the hands of an individual. What’s more effective than handing your potential buyer a summary of your business? 

How many times have you picked up the takeout menu in a restaurant? Isn’t it all about customer convenience? If you want to recall the location together with the kinds of products or the truly amazing customer support you like, you can reach for the print pamphlet, you can ensure that it remains in your desk, and you'll be able to trap it to your board. It’s a brilliant approach to remain in contact with your clients and remind them why they picked you in the very first place.

Having an excellent pamphlet that’s helpful can make all the difference in a sales call. It's possible for you to place your company in their own hands. Now they've something memorable to read along with your business cards. You underscore your spot in the marketplace and can augment your strengths, and with a pamphlet in a follow up posting is an easy next step.

We demand perfection from every one of our print products, business cards, calendars, canvas prints, wall murals, folders and much more. Our business brochures are offset printed on high quality papers and with latest technology. A high quality, custom printed brochure reflects well upon you and your business. It is desirable for it to be done in high quality printing techniques, otherwise it can, in the eyes of the client, give a misleading impression about your company and business.

What is important to know when making brochures?

When selecting text, photos and design for printing brochures, you should be clear on what is that you want to promote. Brochures for new products need to look flawless and to be printed on special types of paper to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Besides textual part, which describes the services or products you offer via brochure, great attention should be paid to the visual effect and printing job done. It is desirable for colors that predominate on the brochure to fit with the colors of the logo of your company or product you want to promote.

Standard Brochure Sizes:

  • 5" x 8.5"
  • 5" x 8.5"
  • 5" x 14"
  • 11" x 25.5"
  • or Custom Sizes

In addition to standard formats, there is a possibility of making custom brochures of nonstandard dimensions, as well as a large number of folds pamphlets depending on the scope of the description of the product or service you offer. If you want to visually accentuate the attractiveness of your products, J Printing Press Center offers brochures in full color at 150 to 250g/m2 or other special types of paper. With a great variety of papers and finishes, we can make your printed brochures and pamphlets stand out. So, adding a brochure to your efforts is a small addition to your routine, with big potential.

Brochures or catalogs form an essential part of the conventional printed marketing collateral, like flyers or promotional products and materials, despite the growing popularity of internet marketing initiatives. A well-designed brochures is very much a collectible item, not just for its appealing visual effects, but for the heaps of product-specific information featured in it. Catalogs or brochures are a popular and generally applicable information instrument, market communication. They're utilized to market and increase sales of distinct sets of goods or services.

We produce and print brochures in a variety of sizes, on various kinds of paper in another selection, and we create them in various ways, all for the goal of your promotion and imagination. The demand for catalogs - brochures has every manufacturing, wholesale, trade, business ...

The most common requirement for catalogs is ahead of fairs or events where vendors exhibit or market their goods. A well-designed catalogue your customers will keep and your goods will remain available. Given the multi-fold advantages of using brochures for marketing purposes, it needs to be said that the quality of layout, content, pictures, the paper and the ink used for booklet printing is the essential variable, which determines its effectiveness.

Quite simply, brochures are:

  1. Nice to hold in control and swipe through
  2. Easy to take and give away
  3. Targeting specific audience
  4. Cost effective

Given the multi-fold advantages of using brochures for marketing purposes, it ought to be said that the quality of layout, content, pictures, the paper and the ink used for booklet printing is the essential variable, which determines its effectiveness. Here are just some reasons why companies print custom brochures for their business or product:

  • Brochures help capture the interest of possible customers, particularly in the case of small and emerging companies which are on a small budget.
  • Brochure printing solutions are definitely cheaper, given the discounts which are usually offered with bulk printing. The cost per leaflet allegedly comes down with the amount of prints. Frequent customers also enjoy discounted brochure printing supplies.
  • Effective advertising campaigns are all about customer connections. Brochures are another way to interact with customers and present them what you offer and why they should pick you.
  • They're versatile pieces of published information which may be used for promoting virtually all types of services and products, and in various places, directly from reception desks of offices to promotional events. They're found in many formats such as menus, flyers, product manuals, and newsletters, along with the traditional tri-fold style.
  • A brochures printing is any day effortless to access and read when compared to content from an email or a site.
  • Brochure folds, so they are both powerful marketing tool and easy to carry, like pizza flyers or pamphlets. Ad space is shared by various companies competing for public attention, which makes it a challenge to actually get noticed among the competition. Brochures or booklets, on the other hand, can focus entirely on the company and its offerings.

These promotional materials getting the undivided attention of all potential customers who navigate through them. The key, however, is to create the content both interesting and enlightening, supporting it with appropriate images, and including a call to action. If you need help with designing of brochures or advice how to grab attention, call us today and we’ll print catalogs for you at best prices in town!