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The J Printing Center Chicago offers at affordable prices original design for your new brand or redesign of the existing logo that is an inevitable element for your business.


Corporate identity is the face of your company that is exposed to the public. It is an image of yourself that you create for your potential customers. The basic trait of corporate identity is a unique style that is recognize in each of its elements.

Corporate identity


Logotype, slogan and the name are the symbol of business for each company. It is desirable for the logotype to be designed as a simple solution that will clearly be recognized as an application in color, or black and white print.

An experienced team of designers from the J Printing Center Chicago is at your disposal to help you choose a unique solution for the design of your brand or trademark.


Visual identity is the basic tool of recognition. It is a sum of all visual and physical characteristics of a product, service or the company itself that differs from the competition. Clear distinction of the company from competition depends on your visual identity.

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The most important role for a visual identity is the direction of your product, services or ideas for a wide range of clients. Our purpose is to help you maintain or build a new identity in accordance with your wishes or the field of work that you do.

Some of logos created by J Printing Center's designers

BBS Trucking
Bike Parts USA
International Logistics Group
ITS logo
Kings Eagle logo
Momento logo
Skadaliya logo

Why is Having Strong and Trustworthy Corporate Identity important?


All businesses start small. As a company grows, the image of the company can and should outgrow the very first brochure's image. Within this international economy, more and more businesses are nowadays popping up in the marketplace. It's simple to consider developing strong corporate identity as what large organizations should actively develop. Undoubtedly, corporate branding is quite an important tool on the planet of business marketing and advertising. Over time, lots of businesses have made some quite costly mistake of neglecting and failing to keep up their identity in the consumer marketplace. Some never make one.

 The corporate identity of a business is critical area so far as branding and profit is concerned. In regards to your company identity, nothing is better that clear, professional message and eye catching logo. Hence, you need to have a corporate identity that will get the job done for you business and this may be achieved by hiring the help of a professional graphic designer as this is the best method to acquire an identity that is unique, enthralling, alluring and professional is every sense. It has to reflect on your business in best possible way.

JPC Chicago offers different printing services, but beside this, we can help you with design of promotional materials, logos, mottos, we can suggest best colors for your company and we can develop your unique corporate and visual identity.

Even when you get a superb contact within a corporate organization and they seem prepared to work with you or buy your services, there's more than 1 person in the bigger companies which make the choice. It is crucial to make good impression, and in today’s world look is look is extremely important. For this intent, developing a company website, logo, brand or package has changed into a key significance between selling and loosing. You can hire an expert blogger to write about the services and products provided by your organization to be sure it stays current, but you can’t hire somebody to stand all day beside your product at market, convincing people to buy it. That’s why you need strong corporate identity, one that tell people that you are company offering quality, professionalism and trust. One of ways to do that is to develop strong visual identity.


Visual Identity - Branding of Your Services and Products


Custom made business logos have emerged long ago as a sensible way to produce awareness about a business, service or product. After years, few identity designs started to prevail powerfully and it’s no secret why. Visual identity or Brand is maybe the most important part of your company corporate identity. Highly successful businesses comprehend the importance of branding and are investing in it daily. Inaccurate branding of a new company can make it hard to grab customers or even make basic profit, leaving people not knowing that company even exists. Branding is about image of a company.


Logos have existed in one form or another for several thousand decades. A logo can be created and imagined in many unique forms, sizes and contexts. Ideally it will become associated with the brand. Such a logo has the capacity to entice new sales, thus, your logo ought to be an ideal reflection of your business.


Simplifying our visual identity process is a significant and practical shift inside this direction. A brand visual identity system permits organizations to maintain a feeling of control throughout all their communications. Choose 1 brand which you think has among the greatest visual identity systems. Now, do you know just how many funds go in maintaining that brand among greatest? A lot.

Coca-Cola gives almost 90% of its profit back for advertising, branding and publishing. Now that’s visual branding!

You probably understand what each brand represents. The Brand has an influential role everywhere. Typically, individuals are studying the brand as an explicit kind of quality. It is necessary to provide your brand an identity. It is quite a challenging to develop a premium brand, yet extremely simple to destroy that excellent chance with unconcern about branding and visual identity purpose.

Branding is crucial to successful customer loyalty. It is really the only result of everything you do. Your product or service isn't the only one on the market, so you have to stand out to your potential customers. On the exact same token, you also have to be aware of what your brand stands for and what's essential for your brand (brand values). Don't forget, it's your choice to communicate and promote your brand to your ideal customers; it is not their job to keep you in mind. Create your brand, logos, colors or even package font based of your target audience. You won’t put street-art letters on flour package nor will you put calligraphy on sodas. So, visual identity is crucial to acquire audience you make product for.

One way to market brand awareness is to hire professional company that will make prefect visual identity for your company, service or product.

For a new brand on the market, it is crucial to understand how to construct brand awareness for your merchandise. A comprehensive understanding of your company will assist your branding strategies to a large extent. J Printing Center offers this service for more that reasonable prices, so call us today and we’ll help you make your business into Brand.