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Digital Printing

Looking for digital printing in Chicago? You are in right place!

Digital printing

Digital Printer Chicago

The J Print Center offers digital printing services on different materials such as digital printing on glass, on wood, paper, leather, plexiglass, ceramics, fabric, canvas, textiles, and PVC film. Modern solutions that we can offer in the form of digital printing, will satisfy your expectations and present your products and services in the most efficient manner.

We are, without doubt, one of the best printing companies in Chicago IL.

Advantages of digital printing

  • High quality and quick production of products
  • A very affordable price for small and medium circulation
  • The possibility of personalization
  • The ability to print variable data

The J Print Center has achieved remarkable success in digital printing of small and medium runs. We found creative design solutions for digital printing of t-shirts, calendars, stickers, brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, folders, and other articles in a very precise circulation.

Digitally Printed

Skadarliya sign

Da Performance trailer wrap

Aura Spa flyer & sign

ILU Stickers

Village Supermarket flyer

Silvicom poster

Maybach Canvas print

A Frame sign

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a method of printing on different surfaces from a digital based image. It’s usually referring to professional printing jobs, where jobs from desktop publishing and/or digital sources are printed using large-format or high-volume lasers of digital printing machines.

The emergence of digitization in the late 20th and early 21st century has caused the emergence of digital printing and has revolutionized the printing industry. The digital form has changed pre-press process substantially, transferring it directly into computers.

Advanced software solutions enable the digital print to closely link the computer and printing machine, which contributed to a more efficient, faster and more precise printing. Once pre-press is done on a computer, it is permanently stored and can be used for printing in a precise number of copies that client requests.

Professional digital printing services

Digital printing is the latest printing technique that printing businesses have adopted and nearly all printing businesses provide digital printing as a choice. It is much simpler and faster than other printing techniques. It has a great impact on your business marketing and promotional jobs.

Digital printing services provide another significant benefit to being in a position to customize and personalize the print according to your need. With digital printing services, you can print custom t-shirts, caps, bags, printing on wood, paper, leather, canvas, glass, and ceramics and so on. It provides economical, high-quality printing that was once reserved for the more expensive printing methods.

As offset printing is dependent on plates, it's not feasible to fast print different and unique materials. Digital printing, however, is the most affordable printing method to produce very high-quality printing in commercial printing quantities. High-speed, easy-to-use digital textile printing delivers unparalleled design flexibility and increased cost efficiency when compared with conventional printing procedures.


Digital printing - Epson
Digital print

Machines for Digital Printing

We have two Ricoh digital printing machines:

Ricoh Pro 907EX

  • Supports different types of media, has professional software solutions, IPDS (optional)
  • Prints 90 pages per minute with a resolution of 1,200 dpi
  • Supports paperweight 40-300 gsm

Ricoh PRO 1357

  • Designed to handle the most demanding requirements for digital printing
  • Print 135 A4 sheets per minute
  • The maximum paper capacity is 8050 sheets of 9 different paper sources