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Custom promotional boxes and packaging

Design Your Own Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging!

Custom made Packaging for your product!

Packaging Design Boxes

The boxes are one of the most widespread forms of packaging. Today it is unthinkable to promote any product without adequate boxes, which also has to have a practical, advertising and aesthetic applications.

We can create custom product packaging boxes with your brand's identity. Possibilities are endless (full-color prints, embossing, partial UV varnish etc.)... Promotional boxes are made of 250g/m2 bindakote paper

If you don't have a design, we can make it for you.

Custom Product Packaging Boxes

JPC Chicago gives you the opportunity to make perfect packaging that will sell your product and make it noticeable while offering full-flexibility & personalized packaging solution!

Well-made packaging is absolutely crucial in today's market. We’re making it easy to produce specialized, custom cardboard boxes with your logo and design for any kind of boxes you like (package boxes, cosmetic boxes, vine boxes, food boxes, ...). Our digital and offset printing services allow you to make any kind of personalized packaging.

A promotional box should be a durable, distinctive and elegant product. UV varnish, gold or satin insert will give a special look to your luxury boxes, and thus fully meet the aesthetic and marketing goals of your company.

Packaging production


So, why custom-made packaging?

  • Branding - Be recognized!
  • The difference - Stand out from the competition!
  • Send Information to Customers!
  • Grab their attention with interesting and well-made packaging!
  • Introduces yourself!
  • Show everybody you care about Earth with Eco-Friendly boxes!

It’s really important for your brand to be recognizable and easy to find among other products. Any box customization can be made, depending on purpose and originality of your product. Read more about custom packaging for business.

Custom Packaging Boxes can be printed with numerous decorating and styling ideas to make the package look different from others in the market. 

We are shipping all over the USA. Call us today and we’ll give our best to design and make the perfect box for you!

Brand Packaging

Custom Packaging

Product Packaging Boxes

Market-aware companies use custom packaging boxes with specific logos and designs to brand their product and make it desirable. If this describes what your business is all about, then you are in right place! This kind of packaging needs to be made from quality materials and well-designed in order to grab attention.

Product Boxes

Box of medicine

Cardboard boxes for any use

Some of the boxes that we are making are:

  • boxes for cakes,
  • boxes for wallets,
  • ties and belts,
  • boxes for tea and medicines.

Food boxes

Food boxes

Pack your product in safe and appealing boxes

Custom food boxes are the display tools that besides from protecting your fruits, chocolate, bread, and any other food products, also grab the attention of potential customers. Custom food boxes are a very powerful marketing tool. If you want your packaging to make customers mouth-watering, our printing center can help you design effective food boxes that are visually appealing and functional.

Design and original idea are something that makes a difference from the competition. We provide innovative and creative carton food boxes, in unique shapes to make your product stand out on the shelf.

Luxury Packaging boxes

Jewelry boxes

Perfect for jewelry and small gifts

Following the latest world standards in the press box packaging companies, J Print Center is putting a great attention to the quality and design. Various materials, shapes, colors led to an unlimited number of combinations for a unique jewelry box. High-quality materials and luxury design will make perfect package for your precious stones and jewelry.

Boxes printed at J Printing Center

Custom packaging

Stark Custom packaging

Kozari Custom Packaging

Q10 Standard Packaging

Srebrna Krema custom packaging

Rigips custom packaging

Coca Cola custom packaging

Standard Packaging