The term prepress involves the second phase of the printed products. When preparing for printing it is necessary to incorporate all graphic elements into a whole accord with the same color profile printing as well as prepare a separate file for the output device.

Prepress includes:

  • image editing, image and scan them
  • processing text forms, data entry, proofreading and correcting text
  • create graphic elements that accompany these processes - board, chart, diagram, drawing ...
  • prepare all the elements into one unit

Without prepress it is impossible to get to the final product. It is the precondition for the transfer of ideas in the process of realization of the same. If the prepress is done right, the product will meet customer expectations. Namely, in order to achieve the realization of the idea, it is necessary to know the types and kinds of printing, finishing process, types of paper, cardboard and other materials, which include printing process.

Although this phase is often neglected, it is important to point out that the same is extremely important for the quality of the final product. Ignoring phase of pre-press, in order to reduce costs, usually results in having the opposite effect ie return to the beginning of the process and prepare for printing.


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