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Over the last 19 years, through the latest technology in offset and digital printing, the J Printing Center is providing high-quality printing of promotional products (promo material).

Promo Material

Years back we followed the demands of the market and expanded our product range. In addition to standard promotional products such as letterhead, business cards, folders, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, now we can offer our clients high quality: labels, posters, notepads, envelopes, boxes and paper bagswobblers, roll-up banners, postcards, etc..

Employees in the J Printing Center strive to complete all your ideas in the shortest time and thus significantly contribute to the promotion of your products and services, all in order to reach successful business of your company. The expert team of JPC Chicago is always ready to respond to all challenges and find the best solution for the realization of unique and specific requirements of its clients.

Behind us is a few thousand stickers, hills of branded pencils, several mistakes from which we have learned our lessons and an ever-growing army of satisfied clients who believe in us and proudly recommend us to their friends.