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Printing, design and creating marketing materials

The J Printing Center can offer a wide range of products and services that will meet your needs and expectations. Paying particular attention to the specificity of your business, we strive to provide you with that at the products that will create the best picture of you and your company. Special attention is paid to print quality because it reflects our hard work and dedication.

Print quality depends on many factors. With reference to this fact J Printing Center carefully selects the best materials for printing, ie paper, plates and chemistry, which meet the highest international standards. By controlling print quality at all stages, we try to keep the achieved quality products and justify your trust.

Offset printing

Offset printing

The most common form of the press in the world is offset printing. More than 85% of printed products across the globe are printed in offset printing technology.
Digital printing

Digital printing

The emergence of digitization in the late 20th and early 21st century has caused the emergence of digital printing and has revolutionized the printing industry.
Screen printing on textile

Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest types of printing. More recently suffered a complete reversal and become generally acceptable techniques of printing...
Pad printing on pens, lighters, notebooks...

Pad printing

A particular challenge in the printing industry was the application footprint on the curved surface. The necessity of printing on surfaces that are not flat...


Combining of visual, verbal, graphic and typographic elements emerged graphic design. Through illustrations, photos and text a way was found to successfully communicate with the audience ie target group, whether it be with consumers, users of different services, the voters ...

An effective approach conveying the desired message and thoughts in order to advertise, educate and informe the wide audience of people in the form of graphic design has brought innovation to the market and job unavoidable way successful visual communication.

Today, graphic design is a perfect blend of visual and verbal elements. In order to obtain a good final product, it is bringing together a quality team of experts from various fields - writers, photographers and graphic designers whose task is to shape the product to its perfection.

Corporate identity

Creating a visual identity:

  • logo design and company logo
  • application development on the items of business communication such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards, folders, invitations, notepads, bags, pens ...

The design of promotional tools:

  • catalog, brochure, flyer design
  • design various external propaganda tools such as banners, posters, billboards, boards, flags ...
  • design of promotional materials such as calendars, newsletters, plastic ware...


The term prepress involves the second phase of the printed products. When preparing for printing it is necessary to incorporate all graphic elements into a whole accord with the same color profile printing as well as prepare a separate file for the output device.

Pre-press for printing

Prepress includes:

  • image editing, image and scan them
  • processing text forms, data entry, proofreading and correcting text
  • create graphic elements that accompany these processes - board, chart, diagram, drawing ...
  • prepare all the elements into one unit

Without prepress it is impossible to get to the final product. It is the precondition for the transfer of ideas in the process of realization of the same. If the prepress is done right, the product will meet customer expectations. Namely, in order to achieve the realization of the idea, it is necessary to know the types and kinds of printing, finishing process, types of paper, cardboard and other materials, which include printing process.

Although this phase is often neglected, it is important to point out that the same is extremely important for the quality of the final product. Ignoring phase of pre-press, in order to reduce costs, usually results in having the opposite effect ie return to the beginning of the process and prepare for printing.