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Wall wraps

Personalize your business and living space with our custom printed Wall-Wraps!


Indoor wall wraps can last about 7 years.

Wall wrap graphics will grab attention of your clients in your restaurant, office, retail setting. Use them to display featured products or services

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Personalize your business and living space with our custom printed Wall-Wraps!

Add some flavor to your office or home by wrapping your walls with high-quality printed wallpapers.

Bored with white walls? Looking for a way to decorate your office wall in a certified way and/or display information about your work? Try our high-quality custom wallpaper printing and discover just how easy can advertising be! If you run a business with different services, a custom printed wallpaper may be just the thing you need to present everything you offer to a customer and to sell your products and services.

Branding walls

A custom printed Wall-Wraps placed in the office wall or waiting area has more benefits than you can imagine! Wrapping walls are a simple way to improve the look and thermal comfort of a room. It also allows you to inform waiting clientele of services you offer, products you’re selling, about your history, former clients, prices and various other useful marketing information. 

A high percentage of people left on their own in a waiting room will search for something to read that may be of interest. This is your chance to give them to read exactly what you want. In that way, you are literally introducing you offer without any personal presentation or speech. Just by putting out a custom wall mural makes it instantly noticeable and is more likely to grab the attention of potential client. Combining it with a simple brochure or other promo material you are getting your full message to potential clients.

It’s a very effective way of filling-out blank office wall space to it’s fullest potential!

How much does a wall wrap cost?

Wall wrap prices are calculated by square feet, where:
1 square feet costs $9.

No Additional cost: we charge no installation fee.

Example quotes

  • Wall 6.5x32ft (208 sq/ft) - $1872
  • Wall 13x8ft (104 sq/ft) - $936
  • Wall 10x20ft (200sq/ft) - $1800
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Indoor wall wraps can last about 7 years.

If you change your products or services at some time you can simply remove the old wall-wrap and replace it with a new wall print, updated one in just a few simple steps. Branded walls are a long-term decision.

Do I need to have a ready design for wall-wraps?

Absolutely no! If you don't have your wall wraps graphics ready, our design team can provide you with a solution for a wall print.

For all wall wrap designs, we are giving you FREE first hour of our designers! All other working hours we charge $80 per hour.

Wall decor or wall graphics are sheets of paper that you can stick on almost any wall in your home or in office.
JPC Chicago has experienced workers who will make sure that your custom house wall turns out perfect!

Make your own wallpaper!

Go crazy because we can make custom sized murals for all walls! Removable wallpaper is perfect solution for boring, old walls that needs new life.

Print and design custom wall decals at our printing center and you’ll get installation FREE!

Make custom office wallpapers and create harmony in crazy, business day!

This is a great way to replace dull office atmosphere and print office wallpaper that will boost motivation and make everyone feel a little more fresh and pleasant. Wrapping your office wall with the ocean, mountain, sky or city line of your town? Custom wall decals give you the opportunity to turn any wall in the room into your little oasis.

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Wall Decor

Today, designers and other people interested in home and office decor gives a lot of attention to wall color or texture. It is great difference between room that makes you feel good and room you don’t enjoy being in. In other words, wall decor plays a vital part in interior planning and design. Wall murals can create a relaxing or expert decor based on the demands of your business enterprise. In this manner, a wall mural is similar to next-generation wallpaper.

These days, the walls can likewise be painted in various textures and colour combinations, but difficult to customize unlike custom wall wraps, that can be printed at our Printing Center. They are also known as wall coverings or wall wraps. Wallpapers play a significant function in accentuating the attractiveness of the whole home and office decor. Temporary wallpaper can brighten up ambient, make it looks bigger or just entertain people in waiting room. There are a number of unique designs printed on the wallpapers, so that you can purchase wallpaper with the proper style and color for whatever your office or home theme is.

Wall wraps aren't only for business spaces. Custom wall wraps are a stylish alternative to traditional paint in a home or building. Well designed and printed wall wraps provide you with unlimited ways to advertise from inside of your business. Wallpaper has produced a comeback in the last several years and temporary wallpaper can fix your problem at a portion of the price.

Custom wallpapers are available in various colours, sizes, textures and you will need to choose one that goes with the manner of your room or office. Some individuals even choose custom wallpapers for each room.  When using wallpaper in more than 1 room of the home, you have the choice of producing fluidity between two rooms without needing to use the exact same wallpaper. Custom wall wraps can give your room identity and colors.

There are now different kinds of temporary wallpaper in comparison to before and we offer all of them. These wallpapers can be designed and printed in just few days, and apart from that, they are also easy to install and remove after that. Off course, our staff made of professional and experienced members that’ll install your desired wall wraps completely free! You are going to be amazed to locate the choices in designs, colours and patterns for wall decor that you can use. There are tons of designs for removable wallpaper available so you can pick out the best combination of premium quality wallpapers for your home or office.

Lots of people discover that custom printed wallpapers are an excellent approach to escape stress at work together with at home. There are unlimited numbers of possible custom wallpapers made in high-quality colors you can make, that could soothe and stimulate your visual senses. Our temporary wall murals are printed with this kind of precision and quality they look painted on.

Modern-day wallpapers like ones JPC offers are printed with latest printing technology and pre-pasted, making them simple to install and remove. Whether you're printing banners, wall murals, vehicle wraps or another type of large format print, you will want to regard the quality in both the material in addition to the true color and print. J Printing Center offers just the best quality in materials and printing techniques. Call us today!